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"I offer myself as a guide, a mere conduit, on your journey home.. to yourself."

~ Leila Bihkak Gutierrez (aka Jaïa Devi)


I am a cultural, mindfulness and spiritual advocate. Born in Colombia and raised in Morocco, I have a particular connection to our traditional ways that I bring forth in my offerings.


A highly sensitive child grown in resiliency through my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical healing journey. An endless student, teacher at times, artist at heart, a guide... a sister of yours.

I provide a trauma informed, non judgmental space for profound regenerative practices.

My goal is to assist my fellow humans in activating their innate potential, to embrace it and to feel empowered in walking their unique path. 

Overall, I choose to honor the infinite abundance of healing God and our Earth Mother provides us with. I have a service-centric practice and I am excited to live in a time where modern science constantly reinforces ancient wisdom. (not that it is necessary!)

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energy healing

Everything is energy. Your energy field may be leaking, holding on to something that isn't yours or still processing a trauma without even knowing it! I merge nearly a decade of studies to provide you with a safe space to drop down to. Be prepared, during a healing session, I get into a transcendental state and channeling often occurs, always divinely guided by light.

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group offerings

Where attention goes, energy flows.

My mindfulness classes are your opportunity to slow down, reduce your stress load and rewire your brain, positively. I also offer immersive experiences that are rooted in ancestral remembrance. This may be your chance to reconnect to a long lost truth of yours and realign your actions accordingly, with intention.

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Guided by spirit, my handcrafted liquid formulas are made of plants that I have sustainably wild-crafted  with purpose. Which results in a higher bio-availability, potency and healing frequency vibration. Most of my potions are made without alcohol, therefore safe to use by the entire family, animals included!

"My hope is for us all to grow into wholesome and resilient human beings... Deeply rooted in our Earth Mother, harmoniously walking a peaceful talk."

~ Leila

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my herbal medicines


Cruelty free


Womxn Owned



No harmful


“Jaia Devi's Herbal Synergies have made my PMS and period time so much more bearable. Thank you!”

~ Mariel Rico / Fusion Thread Collective / Art Director

“We used Leila's public speaking services for our projects and activities in the area of sustainable development at Desjardins Credit Card Services in April 2013. Leila's expertise as a speaker allowed a group of about 60 people to attend a very interesting and rewarding conference that was very much appreciated. I recommend Leila, Jaia Devi's services with great pleasure.”

~ Marilene St-Cyr / Desjardins Bank / Business Development Advisor

“Ever since I've started using the Her:moans non-alcoholic blend, I have been feeling different in a great way!”

~ Teresa Ducuara

“The Up:lift tincture is definitely the best-tasting tincture I've ever had (especially alcohol-based!)”

~ Stephanie Luke / Ponce City Farmers Market / Market Manager

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