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“Jaia Devi's Herbal Synergies have made my PMS and period time so much more bearable. Thank you!”

~ Mariel Rico | Georgia

Fusion Thread Collective / Art Director

“Ever since I've started using the Her:moans non-alcoholic blend, I have been feeling different in a great way!”

~ Teresa Ducuara | Georgia

"I had the pleasure of taking Leila’s yoga/breathing classes, during a time when I needed a lot of guidance. Leila was patient and very caring, I could tell right away she was very passionate and sincere. I felt blessed to be learning Pranayama breathing from someone so knowledgeable and radiant. I highly recommend her classes and services."

~ Jon Miller | California

"Thoroughly enjoyed your “Earth Guidance” talk at the Modern Mystic. Loved the Summer Solstice Meditation guided by you, our ancestors, spirit guides and animal guides. I felt lifted and enlightened after hearing you speak. Sat Nam!"

~ Diana Whitlock | Georgia

"Leila has natural enthusiasm for connecting people, she is highly creative and wonderful facilitator. In fact, she combined all of these wonderful traits and created her own brand. She is very compassionate and truly cares about supporting people. She is truly one of the pioneers in her domain here in Montreal. Additionally, Leila has a wonderful sense of humor and zest for life.”

~ Octavio Cardenas | Canada

"This woman is truly a magnetic spirit that emanates trust, healing, and love. I had the pleasure of hearing her speak at Modern Mystic store and have been a follower. She is a medicine woman. A loving spirit here to guide us."

~ Diane | Georgia

"During a transitional period in my life, Leila's Reiki session opened my mind, body, and soul to the awareness of spirit animals. I had wanted guidance in getting in touch with creatures that would give me strength and grounding for my upcoming journey. To be honest, I was a bit nervous, but Leila is extremely talented in creating a safe space that comforts and soothes. It was an experience like no other, but I highly recommend it for others who wish to have an out of body encounter that awakens the senses."

“We used Leila's public speaking services for our projects and activities in the area of sustainable development at Desjardins Credit Card Services in April 2013. Leila's expertise as a speaker allowed a group of about 60 people to attend a very interesting and rewarding conference that was very much appreciated. I recommend Leila, Jaia Devi's services with great pleasure.”

~ Marilene St-Cyr | Canada

Desjardins Bank Business Development Advisor

“The Up:lift tincture is definitely the best-tasting tincture I've ever had (especially alcohol-based!)”

~ Stephanie Luke | Georgia

Ponce City Farmers Market Manager

"I attended Jaïa Devi's Resiliency through the Holidays workshop. She gave me some very valuable tools to help me get through a very difficult time. She also took the time to listen to what I am going through and was very empathetic. I am looking forward to doing more work with her."

~ Mariana Pannell | Georgia

"I want to thank you for the Reiki session you provided for my daughter the other day, Kaleigh Hyers. She was really surprised how you were spot on. It is my hope she will become more aware of how energy healing can benefit her in her everyday life."

~ Deborah Hyers | Florida

“Dynamic, always with a smile, professional and dedicated, Leila is an outstanding facilitator. She hosts a variety of activities in a bright  and delightful manner. During two editions of our Open Mind Festival, both children and adults had the chance to attend her workshops. Leila distinguishes herself by the place she fosters for personal expression, while still providing a structured and engaging environment! Her mastery of the various workshops she offers and her flexibility allows her to adjust to different contexts and situations. Finally, her patience and her remarkable generosity are added to her numerous qualities as a facilitator! In short, working with Leila is a great experience that I recommend to any adult or child!”

~ Sara Sullman | Canada

~ Nana Linge | Georgia

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