Jaia Devi


I am a cultural and mindfulness advocate, specializing in ancestral healing and earth based spirituality. Born in Colombia and raised in Morocco, I have a particular connection to our traditional ways that I bring forth in my offerings.

A folk herbalist, trauma informed addiction counselor, Reiki master and... (the list goes on) an experienced yoga teacher by trade.


A highly sensitive child grown in resiliency through my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical healing journey. An endless student, teacher at times, artist at heart, healer, guide... a sister of yours.

Overall, I choose to honor the infinite abundance of healing our Earth Mother provides us with. I have a service-centric practice and I am excited to live in a time where modern science constantly reinforces ancient wisdom. (not that it is necessary!)

Professional Bio

Jaïa Devi is a global citizen. Amazigh indigenous to North Africa, she was born in Colombia, raised in Morocco, she has then bloomed in Canada and more recently in the United States of America. She carried on her studies of the healing arts, earth based spirituality and mental health. She is an experienced yoga teacher, addiction counselor, Usui Reiki master, herbalist and the list goes on. Jaïa bridges her understanding of the mind, body & soul connection in her practice through a non dogmatic and accessible approach. Deeply rooted in trauma theory, Jaïa Devi cultivates an authentic and non-competitive space for growth.

Her classes are an invitation to slow down, explore your inner perceptions as you reconnect to your truth. They are meant to be accessible to a wide range of people and easy to practice!

experience highlights

·       2009 - present: International Social Project Management and Sustainable Cultural Travel | North Africa, West Africa, Latin America.

·       2010 - present: Wellness Educator. Yoga, Fitness and Meditation Teacher | Canada, Morocco, Guatemala, Brazil, USA.

·       2011- 2013: General Coordinator | Hochelaga Community Center, Montreal.

·       2016 - 2017: Addiction counselor | Humboldt County Mental Health, California.

·       2016 - 2018: Self-care advocate for BIPOC (black, indigenous & people of color), Trauma sensitive yoga | Arcata & Grass Valley; Hoopa & Yurok                                  tribal people, California.


·       2010: Psychomotor development | Quebec’s Council of Leisure

·       2011: Fitness coaching | CANFITPRO (Canadian Fitness Professionals Association)

·       2011: Reiki Usui (Level 1) with Valerie Chenus

·       2013: Holistic lifestyle coaching with Angie Chek | CHEK INSTITUTE

·       2013: Vinyasa yoga | YOGAFIT Canada

·       2014: Hatha yoga | SIVANANDA Organization

·       2014: Reiki Parjina (Level 1)

·       2015: Shamanism & Reiki Usui (Level 2) with Michal Aguila Blanca

·       2015: Herbalism with Jane Bothwell | Dandelion Herbal Center

·       2015: The Science and Art of Herbalism | Rosemary Gladstar

·       2017: Addiction Counseling at College of the Redwoods | CAADE (California Association for Alcohol/Drug Educators)

·       2017: Trauma Informed Care | Humboldt County Mental Health / State of California

·       2017: Fatherhood and Motherhood is sacred | Native American fatherhood & families association

·       2017: Medicine Wheel & the Native American way of the 12 Steps | White Bison

·       2017: Trauma Sensitive Yoga, short course | Trauma Center

·       2018: Yoga for All with Dianne Bondy and Amber Karnes

·       2018: Reiki Usui Level 3 & Master Teacher | International Association of Reiki Professionals

·       2018: Accessible Yoga with Jivana Heyman and Amber Karnes

·       2019: Restorative Yoga with Jillian Pransky








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