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"Each of us has the right, the possibility to invent ourselves daily.

If a person does not invent herself she will be invented.

Be bodacious enough to invent yourself."

~ Maya Angelou


Energy medicine has existed for thousands of years. Coming from inner wisdom and based on human needs, it is  a natural complement to our lives. As we open our minds to the possibilities of our greater nature, we discover the unity that exists within all healing techniques.

I am a Reiki master teacher and a Shamanic practitioner. I conduct my healing sessions in a gentle and non-intrusive manner. I offer myself as a humble conduit for love and light as I allow divine grace and guidance to take place. The client remains fully clothed as my hands are placed on or off the body in the aura, the energy field that surrounds the physical body.  

Know that visions and channeling often occur!

A Restored Energy Flow


60-75 min


1 session


We have the power to enter a primordial state and heal the soul-level imprints (unresolved wounds) we have carried for lifetimes so that evolutionary awakening naturally unfolds within us. My energy healing sessions can look different for people depending on their needs. You may choose to start with unfolding residual trauma from your life experience, other times it’s a case of healing ancestral wounds or reclaiming your story. Your energy body will speak for itself...

The Chakra System exist in our subtle etheric body. Each chakra is connected to different emotions, glands and organs in the body and resonates to various colors, sounds, crystals and symbols. Stress, trauma, environment, other people’s energy and emotions can block our chakras and put us out of balance.

My hands are sensitive to energy blockages or imbalances and when Reiki is flowing, the body's life force energy is stimulated. Reiki then works on restoring and bringing harmony and balance to the body's natural rhythm and flow. Shamanic practices are used to remove blockages and clear the way for fresh prana to fill you up!

A big focus of my work is on inner alchemy and helping you transform any areas where you are stuck. This will support you in coming back to your natural cycles... to your intuitive, sensual, primal essence which allows you to move through life with grace and create from a place of power.

"Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes

also a matter of opportunity."

~ Hippocrates

house clearing


90 - 120 min



per session

Depending on commute, square footage and your needs.

All houses and buildings of some age carry the energy of the previous occupants and can affect how you feel in the house, your family relationships and your health.

Their etheric energy may have been left behind and absorbed into the space, lingering in the atmosphere. A sensitive person can pick up on these lost or ungrounded energies, sometimes negative vibrations. These could affect you by causing anger, depression, moodiness or fatigue. Which could very well lead to unnecessary tension and anxiety within family relationships feeding the negative environment by allowing it to flourish further.

Cleaning and clearing the home, throwing away any clutter stored in cupboards, under beds and in corners, opening all the windows and doors... cleaning from top to bottom would be where to start!

If this is not enough you may need to energetically cleanse the house. Reiki Energy and Shamanic practices can be used to heal your home. I bring in all four elements of Earth, Angelic Air, Fire, and Water to heal and balance the energy of your house. I call upon good spirit allies and light beings to assist in helping ease the transition into light, with love, always.

Healing protocol

We first get acquainted over the phone. If we are a good fit, we then move forward with scheduling your healing session through video call or in person. On that day, I will proceed to the treatment option that will serve you best. To optimize the benefits of your treatment, please plan:

  • to abstain from alcohol and mind altering substances 24-72 hours prior to healing

  • to avoid stimulants and/or caffeine on treatment day. 90 minute prior to session would be great!

  • for an integration phase of a couple of hours post-healing

  • to keep a dream diary for the following week

  • on drinking 2-3 liters of water/day for 3 days

Trades and sliding scale opportunities are available for people experiencing financial hardship.

If you feel called to work with me, you can either email or please use the form below to contact me.

Thanks! Message sent.

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