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This line has been thoughtfully put together to assist you in remembering your connection to our moon mother, in honoring her and yourself in the process.


Flower Remedies combined with the appropriate Healing Crystals alongside Reiki Symbols will assist you as you tune into the moon's energetics.


Fact: over 50% of our bodies are made of water. Let us sit in observation of how the moon impacts the tides and bodies of water, at large… can you imagine how it may therefore, influence both our internal biodome and ecosystem? Luna Love line is our gift to you, to empower you in developing greater awareness as you build this ancient and sometimes forgotten habit of following the moon cycles.


  • Luna Menguente | Waning Moon: carries Chinese Magnolia Flower Essence combined with Lake Tahoe Diamond Crystal Medicine, Reiki treatment and Waning Moon rays. Both the Magnolia flower remedy and Lake Tahoe Diamond crystal work on conducting a spiritual, emotional and physical cleanse. In farming, the waning moon is a great time to pull weeds out and prep the soil for sowing new seeds under the new moon rays. You may use this analogy as you look at what needs to be let go of.


These Earth Alchemy blends are to be used in an intentional manner, dropped directly under your tongue or diluted in your favorite drink. Before using, please gently shake the bottle as you infuse the essence with your personal mantra, by repeating it to yourself. It may also be added to a steam, a diffuser, a mister or a candle... as part of your very own sacred ritual!


Other ingredients:

  • Reverse osmosis H2O
  • Organic vegetable glycerin


The flowers used to prepare these magical potions are ethically wild-crafted in their natural habitat. The final product is a result of alchemical compounds working synergistically together to nourish your mind, body and spirit.


Handcrafted con amor, with love & intention.

Luna Menguente | Waning Moon

  • This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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