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   "To keep the body in good health is a duty...                                              

otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear."


Holistic Wellness


Herbal Consultations

Whether you have a specific imbalance, or you feel like something is off or.. you are looking for ways to empower yourself in your healing journey and overall wellness, these consults may just be the thing for you! Among a few things, I am an herbalist, addiction counselor and a holistic lifestyle coach.

I take great pride in helping you understand what is going on with your body. With this understanding, you can then decide how your healing can begin. With your involvement, I will determine a specific action plan to enhance your overall well-being as we both develop an integrated health program that addresses your specific needs, looking at your whole being, not the disease only. You will learn how to incorporate foods, vitamins and herbs as well as emotional regulation techniques (all working together) as part of your healing process.

Depending on your needs, I will tailor a specific protocol for: Joint health, Hormonal balance, Seasonal Affective Disorder + Mood Swings, Skin care, Weight management, Digestive health and the list goes on..

The sessions include:

  1. Private Consultation

  2. Complete Health Profile

  3. Individualized Approach

  4. Holistic Integrative Solutions

  5. Tailored Herbal Formulas

  6. After-Care Support

  7. High quality time, always


Consultation protocol

After you complete our thorough intake form, you spend time with me in person, via video conference or over the phone.

1 | Initial session : 45-60 min

This is where you have the opportunity to share your story! I will conduct a health history intake with pertinent physical, mental and emotional examinations. This is the time to let me know if you are interested in making your own remedies as I will gladly provide guidance.


2 | Review of findings : 30-60 min

I review your findings. Here, you are walked through the care plan and when appropriate, you will leave with (or receive) your very own herbal formula. Herbal remedies from my apothecary will be available at a discount if you desire.  After you receive your protocol, you are welcome to engage me via email with any questions or concerns.


3 | Follow up session  : 15-30 min

Here, I will check in with you, look through your care plan and adjust it as needed.


  • $255​ x Wellness protocol (step 1 & 2)

  • $45 x Follow up session (step 3)

  • $75 x 25 min Wellness chat / quick download

Trades and sliding scale sessions are available for people experiencing financial hardship.

Please click here if you feel called to work with me.

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