Plant Based Lifestyle


Are you trying to switch to a

cruelty-free lifestyle?

Do you feel lost or overwhelmed in how to do so in a sustainable manner?



These sessions are meant to leave you feeling empowered in your transition towards a whole food plant based diet!

We will address habit forming, meal planning, strategic shopping as well as nutrient absorption, digestive issues, low energy and hormonal balance.

Be prepared to look at your life, holistically and to question mainstream  "health" misconceptions.

You WILL be provided with all the necessary tools to build nourishing and sustainable long-term habits!

Life Purpuse

Cultural Identity

Are you feeling stuck or lost?

Did you loose your sense of purpose?

Are you struggling with your cultural identity?

These sessions aim to help you regain self-confidence, feel empowered in your decision making as you take the necessary steps  towards your fullest expression! 

Be prepared to address self-sabotage, over-thinking, procrastination, self-doubt... and the many negative patterns that get in your way!

You WILL write a new positive, rewarding and, culturally empowered narrative for yourself!

Trauma & Addiction


Do you have addictive tendencies?


Are you on the verge of relapsing?

Are you feeling triggered, too often?

Do you struggle with body image and eating habits?

These sessions support you in identifying your triggers, addressing impulse control and in building healthier coping mechanisms.

Be prepared to embrace your vulnerability as you take the necessary steps to re-program yourself and unleash your fullest potential!

You WILL be provided with all the guidance needed to develop a positive relationship with your body and yourself!




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